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Xaropes na Monocle

Os Xaropes do Quiosque de Refresco voltam a ser mencionados nas páginas da revista britânica Monocle, que também é uma referência de bom-gosto a nível mundial. "Basta misturar o xarope com água e terá de imediato um chá gelado estimulante"."

The Monocle Food and Entertaining Guide 2013. We present everything you'll need for dining out or dining in, from food markets to restaurants and recipes to wine lists, plus some tips from the people in the know.

Delidelux | Lisbon. Less than 10 years ago, the DeliDelux store at Lisbon's riverside was an abandoned early 20th century warehouse. Rehabilitating it was João regal's first idea. Only later did the 39-year-old architect (pictured) think of associating it with his passion for eating and drinking. In 2005, along with his brother and another partner, they opened Portugal's first modern delicatessen. They wanted to import rare French, italian and British products and sell the best national delicacies.

DeliDelux stocks about 2,000 products, including pink salt from the Himalayas. Half the products are wines, 800 of them Portuguese. Every Thursday they host a wine tasting where producers meet potential clients. The cafeteria's menu includes gourmet cheese and sausage plates. Many guests "are not the typical wine store regular", Regal says, "but when they want a nice wine they come here." -

Top products:

Taylor's Scion. 1855 Tawny Port, until recently passed down as a family reserve - now a collector's item.

Tricana. Sold with the Conserveira de Lisboa stamp since 1942, the tinned Portuguese sardines in spicy olive oil are a bestseller.

Quiosque de Refresco. Just mix the cordial syrup with water and you'll have an instant stimulating iced tea.

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