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Lisbon's Refreshment Kiosks

Príncipe Real garden
Imported from France, Lisbon's first Kiosk was established in Rossio in 1869. Its original name was “Elegant” but it wasn't long before the street people who used it nicknamed it “A Bóia” (The Buoy). A sharp metaphor for this stopping point, always open and available, providing a cold drink to everyone in need. In 1900 they spread all over town, selling the traditional cold drinks that would make them so popular: Lemonade, Red Currant, Orchata or Capilé.
Luís de Camões square
In 2009 the refreshments were back in town, bringing old kiosks back to life. They were carefully refurbished and placed in Praça Luís de Camões, Jardim do Príncipe Real, Praça das Flores and Praça de São Paulo. With the charm of old times, boasting a selection of Portuguese specialities, irresistible brands and a service adapted to this day and age. Enjoy!
Flores square
We bring to you a traditional product and yet an absolute novelty. The Portuguese have an old habit of serving cold drinks to ease the thirst during the hot weather months. A tradition brought back in style by the “Quiosque de Refresco” (refreshment kiosk). From the kiosks, the brand expanded to the cordial syrups (concentrates to be diluted in water), produced by Sabores Santa Clara following artisan techniques and using only the very best natural ingredients. They come in practical and unbreakable plastic bottles (with 700ml capacity) that can travel the world over, with a really charming and eye-catching label, that stands out from any shelf.

São Paulo square

Redcurrant Cordial Syrup: “the” classical Portuguese refreshment, with its fruity and sweet flavor, balanced by the sharpness of the berries.
“Capilé” Cordial Syrup: a very old original Portuguese recipe, included in the book “Modern Cook”, from 1780. Made from maidenhair’s leaves, with an added touch of orange blossom essence.
Gorreana Green Tea Cordial Syrup: fom the extremely rare European tea plantation grows in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (São Miguel island), the famous Gorreana green tea does not require pesticides.
Tangerine Cordial Syrup: originally from the Moroccan city of Tangier, were baptised "tangerines" upon their arrival in England in 1841. Portugal is so fond of it that the country's name is synonymous of "orange" in many languages.
Lemon Grass Cordial Syrup: originally from Southern India, the exotic lemon grass grows happily in Europe. It is an aromatic herb, with heart stimulant, digestive and antidepressant properties.

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