sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012

A catalyst for business and social integration

"The Smart Guide to Utopia showcases 111 projects, initiatives and ideas from all over Europe that make our cities better places. (...) this book celebrates the energy and imagination of people who want to make their cities a little more fun, clean, friendly, green and above all, restore a sense of community.

Quiosques. A catalyst for business and social integration.

Quiosques. Lisbon. In the 19th century "Quiosques" arrived in Lisbon. Filling the city centre with floral-ornamented octagonal steel structures, they imbued it with a distinctly bourgeois flair. A rough count puts their numbers around 40, most of them only recently saved from a long process of decay. Due to the city's desire for a facelift, the authorities are currently re-licensing many of the kiosks in the city centre, as a gift to residents as well as acting as a cataclyst for business and social integration. Now, the "Quiosque de Refresco" in Príncipe Real Garden and Camões and Flores Squares sell beverages from the past, like Mazagran (a coffee and lemon) and Vinho Quente (red wine with spices, similar to mulled wine). Meanwhile, the five kiosks on Liberdade Avenue and those in Estrela Garden have opted for a trendy cultural slant, hosting concerts, readings and live acts all year round while offering a wide variety of snacks and light meals."

The Smart Guide to Utopia. 111 inspiring ideas for a better city.

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  1. A Catarina Portas tem feito um trabalho notável na recuperação do nosso património. Fico muito grata e orgulhosa :)
    Continuem !