quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

In praise of street food

"I believe eating out on the street is a way of making big cities more friendly and humane. I love street food, whether it’s grilled sardines in Alfama’s streets, tapas in the bars of Madrid, or a slice of pizza eaten over the tall tables on top of wine barrels at Forno Roscioli in Rome. So it’s no surprise that I’ve also started a kiosk business in Lisbon (by the way, the empadas – savoury pastry nibbles – are delicious!)."

"We have just launched brand new products to the Portuguese market: Portugal’s old redcurrant and capilé drinks cordials in bottled versions that are made entirely from natural ingredients. We serve them at our Quiosques de Refresco – refreshment kiosks – in three of Lisbon’s historic squares, bringing the city’s traditional drinks back."

Read the whole interview here.

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  1. Olá.
    Como não encontrei o e-mail, decidi escrever-vos por aqui.
    Hoje deixei o meu curriculo no quiosque do Principe Real. Tenho total disponibilidade a partir de Março, e gostaria que fosse da parte da manhã...
    Tenho experiência em cafetaria, apesar de não constar no meu curriculo.
    Aguardo por uma resposta da vossa parte.