segunda-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2010

"Lisbon’s landmark turn-of-the-century kiosks"

A Wallpaper espalha a imagem dos quiosques pelo mundo. E conta Catarina Portas entre a onda de novos talentos globais. "The future's shaping up. Here's the how, why and the who's who of the bright young things making shapes.

Catarina Portas, Retail Entrepreneur, Portugal.
Portas started her career making hats with a local milliner, before becoming a journalist focusing on fashion and retail stories. While researching a book about life in Portugal in the 20th century she noticed that many local Lisbon products were still sold in their original packaging dating from the 1920s to the 1960s. Portas snapped up the retro stock and now sells it to style-conscious visitors and nostalgic locals in her first retail outlet, A Vida Portuguesa, in Lisbon’s fashionable Chiado district. The shop stocks a range of items, from soaps and chocolates to notebooks and ceramics,arranged in boxes by theme, and each accompanied by a tiny booklet explaining the products’ origins. Portas has recently opened a new flagship store in Porto, and is now concentrating on the opening of a series of small cafés serving traditional pastries and drinks, such as perfumed milk, in some of Lisbon’s landmark turn-of-the-century kiosks (pictured)."

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